Mungrup Stud Rates - As from the 1st of June 2019

Agistment - Mares

Status Rate per Day Rate inc. GST
Dry or Pregnant Mare $14.50 $15.95
Wet Mare $18.50 $20.35
Dry Mare - Individual Care Area $25.00 $27.50
Wet Mare - Individual Care Area $28.00 $30.80
Dry Mares Under Lights $27.00 $29.70

Agistment - Young Horses

Status Rate per Day Rate inc. GST
Weanling or Yearling $15.00 $16.50
Weanling and Yearling - Individual Care Area $25.00 $27.50
Spelling $18.00 $19.80
Spelling - Individual Care Area $25.00 $27.50

ALL GENERAL HEALTH ITEMS, SUCH AS DRENCHES, VACCINATIONS AND HOOF TRIMS ARE DONE AND CHARGED AS REQUIRED Although we offer all care and caution, any responsibility for any traumas, death, injuries or illnesses that may occur, and acceptance of horses by us is conditional on all risk and liability remaining at all times with the owners.